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The Virtuous Triangle of Green IT

As more and more organisations implement successful sustainable computing initiatives, an increasingly holistic view of Green IT is emerging, comprising three different but entirely complimentary aspects:

1   Firstly, IT operations need to significantly reduce their energy consumption – to minimise their own emissions and deliver essential efficiency gains for increasingly complex systems

2   Secondly, organisations need to explore the potential of IT and other new technologies to facilitate and accelerate sustainability strategies across the rest of the enterprise, eg. through mobile working and teleconferencing or electronic document management

3   Finally, new IT applications and industry standards need to be developed to effectively measure, monitor and control environmental impacts across the enterprise – to provide reliable information for decision-making, scenario modelling and outcome validation

Virtuous triangle diagram

This ’Virtuous Triangle’ of Green IT goes well beyond the simple cost-saving benefits that have always been apparent, evolving the role of IT to become a key enabler for more sustainable business as a whole.



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Key speakers include
Simon Mingay
Simon Mingay
Research Vice
President, Gartner

Peter Charvill-Mort
Peter Charville-Mort
Industry Analyst, Verdantix

Andy Lawrence
Andy Lawrence
The 451 Group

William Ehmcke
William Ehmcke
CEO, Connection

John Sutton
John Sutton
Bob Crooks
Bob Crooks
Cabinet Office’s
CIO/CTO Council’s
Green ICT
Development Unit(GDU)
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